Stress Guide


Download our simple to follow 4-week Stress Guide that can be used to help track your stress.

Stress is not a sickness in itself.

It can, however, cause or contribute to sickness and poor health. Each individual has a unique stress threshold, and some people are more sensitive to stress than others. Problems with the body, mind, and emotions can result from excessive stress. The majority of cases of anxiety and depression, two of the most prevalent health issues, are brought on by stress. According to research conducted by mental health charities, 25% of people will have a mental health issue at some point in their lives.

Stress Chemicals

Your body generates specific chemicals that cause the fight-or-flight response when you are stressed out, which helps you deal with the circumstance.

Often, the circumstance doesn’t require these substances to be used since the situation does not call for this intense flight or fight reaction. The body will feel the impact of the chemicals released during stressful situations when they build from not being used. These may raise your heart rate, blood pressure, and sweat production. Some can cause the release of fat and sugar into your bloodstream and impair the operability of your immune system.