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Gain access to all of Datalaw’s monthly Live Webinars held throughout the CPD year.

At Datalaw we work with a variety of legal experts in multiple areas of law to provide you with legal CPD courses and live webinars.


These live webinars are available for all our Datalaw members. They will be suitable for practitioners looking to receive extra knowledge in the legal sector and will be beneficial towards their legal training for this CPD year.

  • Free Live Webinars
  • Hosted Every Month
  • Gain Extra Legal Knowledge
  • Gain Extra CPD Hours
  • Engage In Discussions
  • Hosted By Legal Experts In Different Areas of Law
  • Beneficial Legal Updates
  • Keep Up-To-Date On The Latest Legal News

Expert Legal Speakers

At Datalaw we work with expert legal speakers and trainers who have spent a number of years working within the legal sector.

Our speakers aim to create engaging and informative content that will help benefit your legal training and help you become an expert within your chosen area of law.

With our live webinars our legal speakers will provide you with up-to-date legal information and important updates to help you stay well informed for this CPD year.

  • Legal Experts In Different Legal Sectors
  • Engage In Discussions With Legal Experts
  • Stay Up-To-Date In Legal Changes
  • Provides You With New Legal Information For 2023
  • Providing You With Updates In Domains A,B,C, and D
  • SRA Compliance Training & Updates For 2023
  • GDPR Updates 2023
  • Legal Updates In Your Area of Law
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