A guide to confiscation proceedings

confiscation proceedings

The function of confiscation proceedings is to deny an accused of the financial advantage acquired from his criminal conduct. The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 [POCA] is the main legislation deriving the confiscation process.

Confiscation proceedings are dealt with as a component of the sentencing of the accused and the program is draconian with the burden invariably on the accused to establish the legitimacy of his possessions when faced with prosecution assertions as well as statutory assumptions.


The ‘advantage’ gotten by an accused is specified possibly in terms of a specific crime or based on a judgement that he has lived a criminal lifestyle. A defendant is evaluated to have major a ‘criminal lifestyle’ if he has committed specific offences (such as money laundering or drugs supply), or multiple offences. In the case of a ‘criminal lifestyle,’ case statutory expectations are utilised meaning the defendant’s properties, as well as expense over the previous six years, could be consisted of in the benefit calculation.


If the Court decides that the defendant has benefited from specific criminal guidance or basic criminal perform, it should evaluate the ‘reparable quantity’. This is a quantity equal to the accused’s benefit from the guidance worried. If the defendant reveals that the ‘available amount’ is less than that advantage obtained, then the reparable quantity may be evaluated as the offered amount or a nominal quantity if the quantity accessible is zero. The obtainable quantity is figuring by including the overall of all the accused’s assets (at the time the confiscation order is created) minus the worth of any responsibilities that have concern and the overall worth (during the time the order is created) of any impure gifts.


If a purchase is unpaid throughout a fixed date (as much as 6 months of the request being made), the defendant faces imprisonment. Regardless of whether a default phrase is provided, the quantity been obligated to repay is never extinguished and continues with interest accumulating at 8%. The confiscation quantity and its interest could be pursued indefinitely versus the defendant until it is released by the full fee. The accused can, in limited circumstances, applicable for the Court for a ‘certificate of inadequacy’ to discharge the order; although the prosecution, irrespective of whether or not a confiscation order has been created, might apply within six annuls of the date of conviction for the Court to reconsider a decision not to create a request, or to reflect on the accused’s benefit and/or the available quantity.


For the inexperienced, confiscation proceedings can appear daunting however we have substantial proficiency to provide crucial advice at each stage of the process. Complying with an appropriate conviction, the Crown Court sets a timetable for the proceedings with the beginning typically being the director for the defendant to offer on the Court as well as prosecution a section 18 POCA statement detailing his economic circumstances. The prosecution should react utilising a section 16 statement of information detailing their affirmations regarding the magnitude of the accused’s benefit and assets. This will be accompanied by being a witness to statements as well as records supporting any affirmations. The accused is going to respond by serving a section 17 statement setting out the level to which he accepts each assertion and the particulars of any issues he recommends to rely on. If no understanding can be worked out among the parties in excess of the reward figure and available amount, the Court is going to identify the magnitude of the defendant’s economic reward as well as the recoverable total up to be seized at a closing trial after thinking about proof from the defendant and any professionals or third parties.


Given that a proportion of the seized funds can be recouped immediately due to the prosecuting authorities, it is possibly not unexpected in which professionals often face higher assertions in respect of the alleged reward figure which their accessible possessions are overestimated. We methodically analyse and aggressively demand the veracity of every prosecution affirmation as well as frequently instruct drug experts and forensic profiles to guarantee we develop the genuine provenance of our customers’ assets to the optimum extent possible beneath the law. In this way we have achieved substantial excellencies in decreasing the numbers the prosecution has sought to confiscate.

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