Datalaw 2.0 Features (2023 Release)


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SRA CPD Compliance AI Tool & Training Plan

Datalaw’s online SRA CPD Compliance AI tool includes 23 multiple-choice questions, that will allow you to effortlessly reflect on the four areas mandatory of training.

From your CPD Compliance AI answers, our system will automatically create a bespoke training plan for your firms training needs.

This feature is available for all users that have purchased a Datalaw Premium or Unlimited membership. Visit our membership page to learn more.

  • Keeps track of your training needs
  • CPD course recommendations
  • SRA Domain Filter to easily find where you need training
  • Helps you stay compliant throughout the CPD year

Upgraded CPD Tracker

Our CPD Tracker Feature will keep track of all your firms SRA Regulatory and Compliance training. Making it easy for you to keep track of your colleagues continuous CPD training for the SRA.

Every time a course is completed your users will receive certifications. All your certifications are safely stored on your account for any-time access and can be printed off at the push of a button to be used as SRA evidence.

This feature is particularly useful for users who have access to our Datalaw Premium or Unlimited membership. Visit our membership page to learn more.

  • Keep track of your firms Legal CPD training
  • Filter your training by date for SRA evidencing
  • Keep track of your firms SRA Regulatory & Compliance training
  • Generate CPD Reports

Customised CPD Playlists

Create custom playlists containing all the CPD courses you want your firm to take. This playlist feature will allow you to create custom training specialised for you and your colleagues.

This feature will organise all your firm’s CPD courses and ensure your colleagues have the most efficient legal training for this CPD year.

This feature is available for firm users that hold a Datalaw Premium or Unlimited membership. Visit our membership page to learn more. 

  • Organise all your firms CPD training
  • Assign personalised CPD playlists to colleagues
  • Add CPD Courses, CPD Collections, & CPD Categories
  • Ensures your firm has efficient legal CPD training throughout the CPD year

Employee Wellbeing & Rewards Platform

Law firms can take care of, engage with, and celebrate their employees using the Datalaw Employee Wellness and Rewards Platform, regardless of where they are or what they want.

Including 4-week guides, webinars, and resources on mental & physical health to ensure your employees are content, healthy, and motivated.

Your firm will also gain access to our Rewards Platform where they will receive exclusive discounts on clothes, hotels, fitness, experience days, and so much more.

  • Employee Wellness Webinars
  • Reward Employees With Our Perks & Discounts
  • Mental & Physical Health 4-Week Guides
  • Increase Productivity & Wellbeing Within Your Firm
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