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Keep Up-To-Date With SRA Regulatory & Compliance Training


Stay Up To Date With Legal Requirement With Datalaw’s SRA Regulatory & Compliance Training. Datalaw’s SRA Compliance CPD courses provide the most up-to-date information for Government Bodies. Datalaw’s legal CPD courses are all accessible online meaning you can complete your Compliance training from the comfort of your office or home.


Datalaw’s SRA Compliance CPD courses are made by expert legal speakers who will provide you with a greater understanding of what is expected from the Solicitors Regulation Authority. As well as legal CPD courses that break down SRA’s 4 Competence Domains: A, B, C and D.

  • Legal CPD for SRA Domains A, B, C, and D
  • SRA Regulatory & Compliance CPD Webinars
  • Webinars Made By Compliance Experts
  • Fulfil Your SRA Mandatory Compliance Training
  • Essential SRA Compliance Updates
  • Up-To-Date Compliance Content
  • Meet Your Continuing Competence Obligations
  • Develop On Your Skills & Professional Knowledge

Discover The Right Legal Training For You With Our CPD Compliance AI


Datalaw’s online SRA CPD Compliance AI tool includes 23 multiple-choice questions that will allow you to effortlessly reflect on the four areas mandatory of training. From your CPD Compliance AI answers, our system will automatically create a bespoke training plan for your training needs.


This tool empowers solicitors to comply with the SRA Continuing Competence Scheme. Ensuring solicitors and law firms meet mandatory SRA CPD requirements.

  • Keeps track of your training needs
  • CPD course recommendations
  • SRA Domain Filter to easily find where you need training
  • Helps you stay compliant throughout the CPD year
Legal Qualifications

Continuously Improve Your Skills With Our Legal Qualifications


At Datalaw we provide Legal Qualifications & Law Apprenticeship for those looking  to progress their career in the legal sector that combines the academic and practical skills required to work within the legal sector. 


The Education and Skills Funding agency (ESFA) has allocated funding to train thousands of professionals in work to gain further occupational qualifications. The ESFA provides 95% of the funding and your practice pays only 5%. As an approved registered government training provider Datalaw can take advantage of this funding on your firm’s behalf to provide the following:

  • Level 3 Paralegal Apprenticeship
  • NALP Diploma
  • Operational Manager Diploma
  • Team Supervisor Diploma

Risk Management Training In Accordance With SRA Requirements


Datalaw’s Risk Management collection has been designed to ensure that you know how to manage risk in accordance with SRA requirements in respect of independence and integrity, access to legal services and standards of service.


This collection is suitable for government bodies to stay up-to-date on their risk management training with key information presented by expert speakers.

  • In Accordance With SRA Requirements
  • Understand How To Manage Risk
  • Refresh Your Knowledge
  • Stay Up-To-Date On Risk Management Training
SRA Compliance (37)

Increase Your Decision, Management, & Finance Skills


The core functions for a governing body include working with management and influencing decisions and finances. Datalaw has created a variety of CPD courses incorporating essential legal management training to benefit your role and training.


In our legal management CPD courses we work with expert legal speakers who have previously lectured extensively on professional conduct and management skills. Meaning you will receive beneficial key knowledge & tips for your role.

  • Legal Management Training
  • Legal Finance CPD Training
  • Training Tailored For Your Role
  • Up-To-Date CPD Courses

About Datalaw

We are a company absolutely determined to bring the most flexible and price sensitive services to other solicitors. Our company was started by two solicitors who were tired of paying large amounts for training.


We were desperate to find an alternative to the old fashioned expensive training model. Once broadband became more reliable, we saw an opportunity to bring low cost quality CPD training delivered over the internet. We wanted to bring legal training straight to your computer or mobile phone, so you could watch them whenever and wherever you were.

  • 800+ Online Legal CPD Courses
  • Legal Webinars in 42+ Areas of Law
  • Live Webinars
  • CPD Compliance Ai Tool
  • CPD Certification
  • CPD Tracker
SRA Documentation/Evidence

Any time spent on the courses is tracked and evidenced on Datalaw’s CPD reporting dashboard (CPD Tracker). This evidence is stored and saved in our database for 5 years in case it is required as evidence for the SRA or regulatory bodies.

Legal CPD Certificates

Each of the courses taken with Datalaw includes legal CPD certificates that can be printed for evidence and is stored on the Datalaw website for 5 years. See an example of the certification here:

12 Months Access

Datalaw memberships include 12 months Online Access From Any Internet-Connected Device