Leadership and Management Training: Practice Managers

Leadership and Management Training: Practice Managers

Datalaw offers a range of leadership and management training tailored specifically for practice managers and company administrators in legal firms. These CPD services for practice managers are designed to ensure that law firms meet the SRA’s(Solicitors Regulation Authority) CPD requirements while also enhancing the training and development of their employees.

Key Features and Services

SRA CPD Compliance AI Tool: 

This tool helps ensure solicitors comply with the SRA Continuing Competence Scheme. It includes a bespoke training plan based on a short questionnaire, regularly updated to reflect compliance and legal updates​​.

CPD Tracker Feature: 

This feature allows practice managers to monitor their firm’s SRA regulatory and compliance training. It tracks completed courses and stores certifications, which can be accessed at any time and used as SRA evidence​​.

CPD Playlist Feature: 

Practice managers can use this tool to group together CPD courses and assign them to staff members, facilitating better control over employees’ required training. This feature can be used to create onboarding playlists for new team members or mandatory training playlists for various roles​​.

Employee Wellness and Rewards Platform: 

This platform includes resources on mental and physical health, employee wellness webinars, and access to a rewards platform offering discounts on various products and services. It aims to improve motivation and well-being among firm employees​​.

Reporting Dashboard: 

Practice managers receive a dashboard to view the CPD progress and training compliance of their firm’s employees. This tool provides analytics to track CPD progress and hours throughout the year​​.

Practice Manager Collection: 

This Practice Manager Collection includes a series of CPD courses tailored for practice managers, covering topics like equality and diversity, law firm finances, and cybercrime protection. These courses aim to expand legal knowledge and develop managerial skills​​.

Datalaw’s Leadership and Management Training: 

Datalaw offers a range qualifications and training courses, including the SRA Management Stage 1 & 2 course and the Legal Aid Supervisor Masterclass, to enhance management skills and professional reputation​​.

Datalaw’s leadership and mangement training for practice managers focus on ensuring compliance with SRA requirements, providing efficient training management tools, enhancing employee well-being, and expanding the legal and managerial knowledge of practice managers. These services are instrumental in maintaining high standards of professional development within law firms. To learn more please visit: https://pages.datalawonline.co.uk/company-admin-practice-managers/

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