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Upon completion of this Paralegal training, candidates will be recognised and registered with the National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP). Assessed by NALP, this qualification has applicable units for aspiring solicitors. Law firm employers will also like this qualification as those working in a law firm who have the Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice can charge fee-earning at grade D of the Guideline Hourly Rates.

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What Paralegal Training Courses are available?

Level 3 NALP Diploma

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Our flagship qualification for support staff is the government funded Level 3 NALP Diploma. Assessed by both the National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP) . This qualification is accredited by Ofqual providing the highest standard of training for support staff. This qualification is suitable for those practising in any of the following areas of law: criminal, family, children, general civil, conveyancing, wills and probate, employment law and more. Upon completion candidates will be eligible to progress to a solicitor Level 7.

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Introductory Paralegal Training Courses Included

Introduction to Law for Paralegals

In this unit, you’ll gain a detailed knowledge of the legal system in England and Wales and the general legal principles of Contract and Tort Law. 

You’ll study the law-making process, court structure, roles of key legal personnel and methods of dispute.

Assessment – NALP written assessment

Legal Ethics and Responsibilities for Paralegals

The aim of this unit is to understand the paralegal responsibilities in relation to client care. Develop a deep understanding of methods of appropriate professional conduct and be ready to apply client care to any given situation.

Assessment – NALP written assessment

Professional Skills for Paralegals

You’ll study how to undertake legal and factual research and present the findings accurately and clearly. Practise good file management – prepare and collate bundles, take and file accurate notes, close and review files, maintain databases, version control. Establish and maintain effective and professional relations with others, including an ability to work with people at all levels towards achieving internal and external clients’ and team objectives. As well as effective time management.

Technical Legal Knowledge Paralegal Training Courses Included

Civil Litigation for Paralegals 

You’ll study how the process of civil litigation is conducted using the areas of debt recovery, personal injury, consumer law and family law as illustrations. 

In understanding how civil actions are commenced, funded and defunded, you will be able to effectively assist in civil litigation cases in practice or provide services to legal departments involved in litigation. 

Assessment – NALP written assessment

Criminal Litigation for Paralegals

In this unit, you’ll gain detailed knowledge into the key aspects of criminal litigation and criminal litigation procedure in Magistrates’ Court and the Crown Court from arrest to trial. 

You’ll be able to demonstrate the principles of professional conduct in criminal litigation, through learning key skills and being able to interpret legal language.

Assessment – NALP written assessment

Conveyancing for Paralegals

In this unit you’ll learn the conveyancing process in England and Wales and be able to apply the knowledge to give scenarios. 

Key practical skills you’ll learn will include taking instructions from clients and matters relating to the client interview.

Assessment – NALP written assessment

Employment Practice for Paralegals

You’ll gain in-depth knowledge into contractual relationships and wider scope of employment law. Develop skills to apply the law in practical situations and understand where paralegals can play a role in employment practice and HR departments.

Assessment – NALP written assessment

Wills & Succession for Paralegals

Through understanding the procedure and practice of Wills and Succession, you’ll be able to effectively assist in Wills and Succession matters in a Solicitor’s firm or Paralegal firm.

Develop key skills in taking effective instructions.

Assessment – NALP written assessment

What is the process?

After completing this process for all 6 modules, you will be issued with a level 3 paralegal diploma and will be to registered as a practising paralegal with NALP.

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