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Register Interest - Eligibility Checker

Please fill out the following details to register your interest and following this form a member of our team will send you more information regarding the apprenticeship or government-funded course you are interested in. 

Please ensure you meet the following eligibility criteria:

–  You are currently employed by a law firm in England & registered on their payroll

–  You spend 50% of your working time in England 

–  You are not currently enrolled in a government-funded apprenticeship

Are you enquiring for yourself or on behalf of an employee?
Are you currently employed by a legal company and are on their pay roll? (Requirement for eligibility)
Are you currently enrolled in and undertaking a government-funded apprenticeship?
Do you spend at least 50% working time working in England?
Do you have GCSE’s in Maths & English (must be able to provide evidence)
1. Is your firm based in England?
2. Do you have an in-house legal team?
3. Are you a levy paying business?