Signing Your SRA Declaration Before The New Deadline

With the new deadline in effect, this gives you more time do CPD to sign your SRA Declaration before it’s too late. To assist in fast-tracking your CPD to sign your SRA Declaration, we have a package that allows you to access all areas of our continuing competence safe system.

What Do I Need To Do For My SRA Declaration?
  • Reflected on the SRA's 4 Domains
  • Evidenced a reflection based training plan
  • Evidenced your training progress
  • Reflected on what you have done and refined your new plan
  • Evidenced that you have reviewed your progress, altered it where necessary
How Can I Fast Track My CPD?

We have a specialised package that has it all. Assisting in tracking your compliance to sign your Annual SRA Declaration, the Access All Areas package will allow you to access all areas of our specialised system with a library of over 700 legal CPD courses covering all four SRA’s mandatory domains.

Why Do I Need To Sign My SRA Declaration?

“Making an annual declaration on what they have done to maintain their competency is a mandatory requirement for every solicitor. All must regularly reflect on the quality of their practice, identify and address their learning and development needs.” – SRA website

3 Easy Steps To Fast Track Your CPD

We have created this 3-step guide to assist in fast-tracking your CPD and sign your SRA Annual Declaration before the end of the deadline. 

Purchase Access All Areas

The Access All Areas package includes over 700 CPD webinars and continuing competence safe tools to keep track of your CPD. For more information regarding available discounts, please call us on 0151 236 2024.

Take The Self Assessment

After completing the Self-Assessment you will be provided with the subject areas you will need to improve on to comply with the SRA’s 4 Domains, and the courses to help with such improvements. 

Watch Online CPD Webinars

Effortlessly watch CPD sessions entirely online whilst your CPD hours are automatically tracked and updated on your account. These CPD sessions cover all 4 SRA Domains meaning you will be compliant in no time at all.