Solicitor Apprenticeships

We provide a variety of law apprenticeships, including the Solicitor
Apprenticeship tailored for graduates.

Government Funded Solicitor Apprenticeships

Claim up to £27,000 per employee for solicitor training.

Solicitor Qualifying Exam (SQE) Route

Become a qualified solicitor through the new SQE route.

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Solicitor Apprenticeship Overview


Our Solicitor Apprenticeships offers a six-year distance learning program tailored to individuals who have completed their A-levels in law or equivalent. This comprehensive apprenticeship provides a blend of rigorous legal training and practical experience, equipping participants with both theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills essential for your career in the legal sector.


Participants in this apprenticeship will be prepared to undertake the new Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE). Successful completion of Stages 1 and 2 of the SQE enables a formal qualification as a solicitor.

  • 6 year duration
  • SQE Exams & Prep Courses Included
  • Suitable for those with an A-Level in law or equivalent
  • Prepares candidates for Parts 1 & 2 of the new SQE
  • Become a qualified solicitor
  • Online courses and 1-2-1 meetings

Solicitor Apprenticeship Curriculum

  1.  Common Law Method and Ethics
  2. Public Law
  3. Law of Contract
  1. Law of Tort
  2. Criminal Law
  3. Critical Approaches in Current Legal Issues
  1. Land Law
  2. Real Estate
  3. Business Law 1
  1. Equity & Trusts
  2. Access to Justice and Legal Services
  3. Criminal Litigation and Evidence
  4. Civil Dispute Resolution
  1. Business Law 2
  2. Wills and Succession
  3. SQE1 Preparation – Functioning Legal Knowledge (FLK) 2
  4. Skills Portfolio and FLK 2

SQE1 Exam

  1. SQE1 Preparation – FLK 1, SQE 1 Bootcamp and Examination
  2. SQE2 Preparation and Examination
  3. LLM Key Practice Areas

SQE 2 Exam (End Point Assessment)

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How is it Funded?


The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) has designated government funding to support the training of learners seeking to become qualified through an apprenticeship. With ESFA covering 95% of the costs, your practice is only responsible for 5%. As an approved training provider, Datalaw is able to utilise these funds on behalf of your firm, facilitating access to a wide array of legal qualifications.

  • Funded by the Education & Skills Funding Agency
  • 95% funded For non-levy paying businesses
  • Funding covers the cost for all training and SQE exams
  • Zero fees for learners

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have at least one A-Level in law, Level 3 paralegal qualification, or equivalent qualification (please contact our apprenticeship team to discuss eligible qualifications)
  • You must spend 50% of your working time in England.
  • You must not be currently enrolled on another government funded apprenticeship.
  • You must be employed within a legal organisation and have the approval of your employer.
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Our Apprentices Excel In Their Learning

But don’t just take our word for it

About Datalaw

We are a company absolutely determined to bring the most flexible and price sensitive services to other solicitors. Our company was started by two solicitors who were tired of paying large amounts for training.


We were desperate to find an alternative to the old fashioned expensive training model. Once broadband became more reliable, we saw an opportunity to bring low cost quality CPD training delivered over the internet. We wanted to bring legal training straight to your computer or mobile phone, so you could watch them whenever and wherever you were.

  • 800+ Online Legal CPD Courses
  • Legal Webinars in 42+ Areas of Law
  • Live Webinars
  • CPD Compliance Ai Tool
  • CPD Certification
  • CPD Tracker
SRA Documentation/Evidence

Any time spent on the courses is tracked and evidenced on Datalaw’s CPD reporting dashboard (CPD Tracker). This evidence is stored and saved in our database for 5 years in case it is required as evidence for the SRA or regulatory bodies.

Legal CPD Certificates

Each of the courses taken with Datalaw includes legal CPD certificates that can be printed for evidence and is stored on the Datalaw website for 5 years. See an example of the certification here:

12 Months Access

Datalaw memberships include 12 months Online Access From Any Internet-Connected Device