Practising Certificate Renewal Window Extended Until 20th November

With the practising certificate renewal window now extended, this means that you have more time to continue reflecting on your professional development and begin your renewal application for this year if you haven’t already. To assist in fast-tracking your CPD for 2020 we have a package that allows you to access all areas of our continuing competence safe system.

Why is the SRA Extending the Renewal Window?

“This year we are running renewals on a new IT system and with new telephony, which has been particularly challenging against the backdrop of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on us as well as on the profession. Although renewal has been straightforward for most applicants, there have been teething problems which have hampered some firms at a time when they are already managing a range of other pressures. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.” Solicitors Regulation Authority [View Page]

What Is The SRA's Approach To CPD In 2020?

“We expect solicitors and firms to continue to meet the high standards the public expect. This means they must do everything to comply with our rules and Principles. This includes serving the best interests of their clients and upholding the rule of law. We recognise, however, these are exceptional circumstances. We must all remain pragmatic. We will take a proportionate approach to enforcement. Consistent with our enforcement strategy, we will focus on serious misconduct, and clearly distinguishing between people who are trying to do the right thing, and those who are not.” Solicitors Regulation Authority [View Page]

How Do I Fast Track My CPD?

Our specialised package has it all. From assisting in tracking your compliance to signing your Annual SRA Declaration, the Access All Areas package will allow you to gain access to all areas of our specialised system, with a library of over 700 legal CPD courses covering all four of the SRA’s mandatory domains. 

3 Easy Steps To Fast Track Your CPD

We have created this 3-step guide to assist in fast-tracking your CPD to get your practising certificate renewal before the end of the deadline. 

Purchase Access All Areas

The Access All Areas package includes over 700 CPD webinars and continuing competence safe tools to keep track of your CPD. For more information regarding available discounts, please call us on 0151 236 2024.

Take The Self Assessment

After completing the Self-Assessment, you will be provided with the subject areas you will need to improve on, to comply with the SRA’s 4 Domains and the courses to help with such improvements.

Watch Online CPD Webinars

Effortlessly watch CPD sessions entirely online whilst your CPD hours are automatically tracked and updated on your account. These CPD sessions cover all 4 SRA Domains, you will be compliant in no time at all.