Team Supervisor Diploma

Gain The Skills To Work In A Supervisory Position

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Team Supervisor Diploma


The Team Supervisor Diploma is designed for solicitors and non-solicitors who want to progress towards a management position, providing them with the skills and training needed for a supervisory position. This diploma also allows candidates to gain their Legal Aid Supervisory Status.


If you are wanting to develop your career towards a management position or are already in a management position and want to formalise your qualifications, this diploma will help provide you with skills and tools needed.


Benefits of this diploma:

  • Provides Skills To Boost Your Career
  • Helps You Progress Towards a Management Position
  • Provides You With Effective Management Tools
  • Gain Your Legal Aid Supervisory Status
  • Understand Leadership
  • Learn How To Manage A Team
  • Increase Your Personal Performance
  • Gain Essential Skills & Tools

Legal Aid Supervisor

The Legal Aid Supervisor course will provide you with the management skills and knowledge needed to develop your career towards a supervisory role.

This course includes CPD courses made by management professionals that will help candidates manage activities to meet legal aid supervisor requirements and teach them important management skills such as developing your teams performance, leading a team toward objectives, and so much more.

You will benefit from course material that has been designed to comply with the Legal Aid Agency and that will help you progress your career towards a supervisory role.

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