An overview of the Psychoactive Substances

Psychoactive substances include drugs and other chemical substances that change the function of the brain and it badly affects the person’s mental health and processes. Using psychoactive drugs results in temporary changes in mood, behaviour, feelings, thoughts, and attitude. These substances can create major problems such as it makes you the habitual of these chemical substances, and every time you will start depending on the drugs which may lead to certain risk factors as it causes many problems to human health and nervous system.

Drugs/medicines that contain more than one chemical substances that cause comparable consequences to drugs like cocaine, ecstasy, and cannabis are considered as “Illegal highs”.

The psychoactive substances act 2016 came into existence on 26th May 2016 with the intention of declaring it “Illegal” to produce, supply, and banning its trade at international level. The actual purpose of this act is to control the production of psychoactive drugs it affects the person central nervous system, mental functioning, and emotional behaviours. And the other aim is to control the importation of these substances including website sell and purchases and declaring it illegal. If any person with the intention of buying it or selling psychoactive substances from a website then court constitute legal proceeding against that person or the organization.

Psychoactive Substance Act 2016

It is stated in the act that, it is not illegal to own psychoactive substances that are not covered by the excessive amount of drugs.

The other name of medicines are drugs, the packing of medicines may have the list and name of ingredients but no one actually knows that what is inside the packet. The production of drugs should contain a limited or prescribed amount of chemical substances. But from 26th May 2016, the production of drugs which are considered as Illegal High has declared as Illegitimate now. There has been an unusual increase of New Psychoactive Substances over the past few years. Some Exempted Substances are mentioned below that are not listed under the Psychoactive Act 2016.

• Drugs that are already under the inspection, and controlled by the Misuse Drug Authorities Act 1971

• Alcohol, Nicotine, Tobacco Products

• Food and Drinks

• Caffeine Products

• Or any substance that does not be the source of any psychoactive effects such as “Daliesque”

• The medical product that contains a slight amount of chemical drugs listed under the Human Medicines Regulation 2012.

Healthcare activities and approved scientific research are exempted but the person involved in such activities must have a license and legitimate need to use psychoactive drugs in their work.

Nothing, but the major and adverse effects of psychoactive substances are known as Legal Highs that are mixed with different chemical substances some of them are legal and other chemical substances are known as Illegal Highs. Many products are sold as Legal Highs which contain New Psychoactive Substances. Or Illegal  Highs are banned.

Legal Highs

Suppliers and producers of Legal Highs will face 7 years of imprisonment under the new rules and regulations states in Act 2016. New Psychoactive  Substances or Legal Highs leads to the number of deaths and other health-related issues. The number of drug addicts has been increased over the past few years. Legal Highs are sold in different forms like powder, pills, liquid, capsules, and smoking mixtures. Legal drugs produce exact similar effects to illegal drugs. Their effects are not normal on human health such as Stimulants (Making Consumer Active and Energised), Sedative (Making Consumer Relaxed, Tranquilize, and Euphoric), Psychedelics (Making user delirium and hallucinate). These are the chemicals that are not tested for safety and security. So the users are not sure what are the consequences will be? The major risks are involved as Paranoia, Coma, Seizures and unusual addiction and injections may lead to death.

Illegal Highs

The alternative word for Legal Highs is Illegal Highs. Their risks are incalculable some are very hard and toxic they are illegal. The Illegal Highs are the drugs when it has taken with other substances like Energy drinks, Alcohol, and Smoking stuff. When the harmful substance like drugs mixed with anything or other substances and when we use injections that are harmful to health and causes sudden death. The  Legal and  Illegal Highs produces anaesthetic effects a  person can injure himself without noticing. Dizziness and headache, Suffocation, getting bold and extra active.

The duration of the psychoactive drugs depends on how much amount of drugs you’ve taken and how long the effect lasts and the drug stays in your immune system.

What is the action of Law regarding this matter?

A person who indulges in production, supplying, and in the distribution of psychoactive substances will face the penalty of up to 7 years in prison. Many regulatory authorities such as the European Medicine Agency continuously monitoring and controlling the enhancement of psychoactive drugs and abusive medicines. Police authorities are allowed to check the cars and suspected areas they have the full authority to trace the suspected person. Especially in the United Kingdom and it’s domain the new law has been introduced in 2016, that there is Blanket Bann in sale purchase and production of a psychoactive substance.

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