Recent Developments in Children Law and practice

Children Law Updates of 2018

If you work around or with kids, like in a school environment, you will find out that their safety is a very important duty which you must take very seriously. In order to fully understand and carry out your safeguarding responsibilities, you need to have a clear understanding of the children law, and also learn about all the Children Law Updates of 2018 to know if any changes or amendments have been made of late.

Many new developments on children laws and practices have been made. These developments are aimed at strengthening children law and protecting children from abuse. These include new practice and policy, redesign of technology use, and a legislative change in child law. Here are the Children Law Updates in 2018


There are currently seven protection and care practice notes which apply to the filing of protection and care applications in children’s court. These practice notes include the following:

  • The main documents for children care applications.
  • Alternative conflict settlement processes in children courts.
  • Short-term Children Law Course.
  • Case management in care proceedings.
  • Attendance of licensed physicians at external mediation events, dispute resolution events, and hearings.
  • Joint event of experience witnesses in children care proceedings.
  • Parenting capacity orders.


Also, the law society has approved this children law course for only experienced solicitors who wish to stand for any given party in public law proceedings, be it local authorities, adults or children. This is a great development in children law and practice.

The children law course is mainly based on skills; you will need to have excellent experience and knowledge in private and public law proceedings.

The children law course will help to encourage active discussion and participation throughout. This will create an opportunity to learn the following:

  • Children development – assessing the competence of a child
  • Attachment – good parenting
  • Indicators of important harm
  • Communicating fluently with children
  • Issues of privilege and confidentiality
  • The responsibilities and roles of children guardian
  • The role of a good child solicitor
  • Working together with children parents or guardian
  • Children cases and advocacy
  • Local Authority structures
  • Use of experts and instructions
  • Criminal proceedings and linked care
  • Communication with parties
  • Care planning
  • Family court and case management
  • Public Law, as finalized in the Families and Children Act

This Children Law Course is meant for those solicitors and lawyers who are qualified and well trained. This is a major development in children law and practice.

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